Friday, September 13, 2013

Xbox One Day One Edition still available at Walmart (Canada)

As most of you might already know, it's quite hard to get your hands on the Xbox One Day One Edition at this point in Canada (and pretty much anywhere on planet Earth).  The Canadian Microsoft Store no longer allows you to pre-order this limited edition of the console and most online retailers (in Canada) are in the same situation.  Some Canadian retailers like Best Buy, Future Shop, Target or Gamestop might still be taking some pre-orders if you go in store and ask for them, but they're pretty rare.

But this morning, there is hope for some of you...  Apparently, the Walmart online store still let's you pre-order the Day One Edition!  This might not last long so please hurry up!  Check it out here!

As a reminder, the Day One Edition comes with a commemorative controller (with the "Day One" logo and a chrome D-pad), an exclusive achievement and a special packaging.

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