Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Best Buy & Future Shop: Midnight Release And Opening Hours Information

As we are approaching the Launch Day, more information regarding midnight launches and early openings starts to pop around.  Today, both Best Buy and Future Shop have posted additional information on their websites.

All Canadian Best Buy stores will all open at 8AM on Friday, November 22nd 2013 and at least 35 unreserved consoles will be available at each location.  No midnight launch event seems to have been scheduled, but we highly recommend you contact your local Best Buy just to make sure.

All Future Shop stores will hold a midnight launch event to allow Xbox One enthusiasts to pick up their pre-ordered console, except for Quebec City and Sudbury.  20 unreserved consoles will be available at each location at that moment.

Then all Future Shop stores will open at 8AM on friday morning, with at least 15 unreserved X1 available per store.

All stores from both Best Buy and Future Shop will also be holding Xbox One giveaways for people that show up in line 15 minutes before midnight and/or 8AM openings.

Get ready people, Launch Day is upon us!  Plan your pre-order pickup wisely!

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